Going to Cancun!

This is a huge leap for me, but after losing 40 pounds I’m barely to the point where I could fathom showing up anywhere in a bathing suit.  We booked the trip for Michael’s birthday in two weeks and got an amazing deal (um, hurricane season …) but I cannot believe we are actually going!

cancun1 cancun2

This is my happy face!


I could get used to posts like this


New fitness idea

This place just opened up next to JTS, and I’m really thinking that someday it would be a lot of fun to be able to do this! I am not there quite yet, but someday …


091611 091611_4sq

Inchworms suck

First new exercise I had to learn in a while just happened to be worse than burpees – inchworms are THE WORST!! I do not like inversions anyway, but this one is insanely difficult for me.  I felt like the worst loser ever because I could hardly go 10 feet doing them, along with bear crawls.


I found this graphic that describes what they are:


Me on a beach in a bathing suit? hmmmm …


Down 35 Pounds! Bam!

090211_part1 090211_part2