Boot camp with my sister

My sister Stephanie came to visit with her husband and my nephews, and I was so excited to see them and to see my sister’s reaction in person to my 30 pound weight loss.  She was so surprised, and impressed by what I have accomplished – she is an avid yogi and knows how difficult this has been for me.  She was interested in going to class with me, so we hit the 8:30am class Saturday morning before taking the kids to Seattle.

Stephanie is in amazing shape, and even given that she said the class completely wiped her out.  I loved hearing her say over and over – “I can’t believe you are doing this three days a week – wow!”

We went downtown to Pikes and the Space Needle, and here is a picture of us:


I still am hiding a bit, not completely comfortable showing how fat I still am, even after losing 30 pounds.  I am proud and happy about the weight loss, but cognizant that I still have a LONG way to go …