Can I pull off a bikini in a few days??

I am really working hard to take off as much weight as possible before our Cancun trip.  I am trying not to have anxiety over being in a bathsuit in public for the first time in a decade, and especially among other very attractive women who might actually be topless!

The place we are going to is for adults only and it is topless optional – I cannot imagine doing that myself (just showing up in a one-piece would feel psychologically to me like I was naked in public!!) – but I am going to keep an open mind and hope that others there also have an open mind and are accepting of all shapes/sizes.


100811 101211We are going to a place called Temptation Resort and it looks like a lot of fun for adults only. We booked an ocean front suite and decided on Cancun because it seemed more different and “tropical” to us than Cabo (being from southern California).  It has been raining a lot here in Seattle lately, so I cannot wait to be in the warm sun on a beach in just a few days!!

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