Groundhog Day in the Pacific Northwest

Today is Groundhog Day, which also happens to be one of my most favorite movies, but back to the point.

We were all hoping that Punxsutawney Phil, the Grand Poobah of groundhogs, would not be afraid of his shadow to scientifically guarantee an early spring.

It has been cold and rainy for months now in Western Washington, with even a few significant snow storms this winter. I thought it rained a lot in Seattle, but the rainfall there is nothing compared to the coastal temperate rainforest in Washington!

Seattle will look like it is going to rain more often than it actually rains, so it is more about the gloomy cold Puget Sound weather that gets to people by now.

I am sick of it pouring buckets nearly all the time! It is obnoxiously ridiculous how much more it rains near the Pacific Coast.

I do need to say that seeing green everywhere is stunning, especially to a SoCal chick used to seeing brown hills other than the few times it rains there to green things up for a few days. So I will concede that the rain does make organic life epically explode every imaginable shade of green everywhere. It is spectacularly beautiful!

However, the temperature does not need to be hovering close to freezing most of the time in order to have the vibrant display of life.

The cold rain is FAR worse than snow or warmer rain when it comes to comfort – so I think I speak for everyone in Western Washington when I say if we have to put up with more rain, then spring temperatures would be a welcome change!

At least we could take our shirts off in the rain after crawling through the sewer!

So back to Punxsutawney Phil and his shadow. That whiny little bitch saw his shadow this morning and apparently doomed all of us to six more weeks of this miserable frigid monsoon.

Thanks a lot, Phil – you just invited Viserion and the white walkers to f*ck around with us another couple months 😱🤬

By the way, Bill Murray called and he wants his jacket back …

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