Too Hot Yoga

After missing yoga by one minute on Saturday morning (door was locked, ugh!), and then not being able to go to yoga yesterday due to the Seahawks/49ers playoff game party.

I was really feeling anxious and in great need for a good detoxifying hatha class tonight, especially since I leave on another work trip tomorrow to central Washington and will not be able to go to yoga class again until Thursday evening, IF I make it home in time.

Well, I got to class ten minutes early, and the room was already packed so I was stuck in the way interior of the studio, under the heater – right there I should have just walked out and said no.  Under great pressure to end my 8 day streak without any yoga classes, I bit the bullet and set up my mat under the freaking heater.

By the time we got to dancer, I was delirious and could hardly see straight.  I couldn’t wipe the sweat off fast enough to even see! When I had to move to the back of the mat to do balancing stick, the floor was so hot that it made my feet burn through my towel and mat! It was like walking on concrete in Palm Springs without shoes in the middle of summer, and I was DYING! For the first time in a very long time, I had to go to child’s pose during triangle, and I felt like a complete loser.  Just to psych myself out that I wasn’t wasting time, I went into pigeon pose – holding it and switching legs through everyone else doing triangle/half-full vine/bird of paradise.  I stood up to do forehead to knee and tree pose, but was shaking so bad I could hardly stand.

Then it was time to hit the mat, and it was as if my mat was over hot coals! I was laying on a freaking frying pan – OMG! I thought I would be ok getting through the rest of class, but it was SO much hotter on the floor that I literally felt like I was cooking. I cannot believe I got to the end of class without getting up to leave – it took everything I had in me to stay!


The next time I get stuck in a hot yoga class that full, and the only place left is under the heater, I am leaving without feeling the tiniest shred of guilt – torture by fire should not be part of anyone’s yoga practice!

When I get to Centralia later in the evening tomorrow, I will do 45 minutes on the elliptical machine – and repeat the same thing on fat burning mode on Wednesday night at the hotel (30 minutes on elliptical, then 10-20 minutes running on the treadmill, then another 20 minutes on the elliptical). Then hopefully I will make it back in time for the 5pm hatha class on Thursday AND get my spot near the door away from the heater!


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