45 Pounds!!!

101311_2101311101211I think I am ready for a celebration in Cancun!!  I seriously cannot believe I have lost 45 pounds in 5 months!

Here I am below with my daughters and my sister-in-law in late Sept. 2011 at 40 pounds down – slowly but surely I’m getting there!


Can I pull off a bikini in a few days??

I am really working hard to take off as much weight as possible before our Cancun trip.  I am trying not to have anxiety over being in a bathsuit in public for the first time in a decade, and especially among other very attractive women who might actually be topless! The place we are going to is for adults only and it is topless optional – I cannot imagine doing that myself (just showing up in a one-piece would feel psychologically to me like I was naked in public!!) – but I am going to keep an open mind and hope that others there also have an open mind and are accepting of all shapes/sizes.


100811 101211We are going to a place called Temptation Resort and it looks like a lot of fun for adults only. We booked an ocean front suite and decided on Cancun because it seemed more different and “tropical” to us than Cabo (being from southern California).  It has been raining a lot here in Seattle lately, so I cannot wait to be in the warm sun on a beach in just a few days!!

Going to Cancun!

This is a huge leap for me, but after losing 40 pounds I’m barely to the point where I could fathom showing up anywhere in a bathing suit.  We booked the trip for Michael’s birthday in two weeks and got an amazing deal (um, hurricane season …) but I cannot believe we are actually going!

cancun1 cancun2

This is my happy face!


New fitness idea

This place just opened up next to JTS, and I’m really thinking that someday it would be a lot of fun to be able to do this! I am not there quite yet, but someday …


091611 091611_4sq

Inchworms suck

First new exercise I had to learn in a while just happened to be worse than burpees – inchworms are THE WORST!! I do not like inversions anyway, but this one is insanely difficult for me.  I felt like the worst loser ever because I could hardly go 10 feet doing them, along with bear crawls.


I found this graphic that describes what they are:


Down 35 Pounds! Bam!

090211_part1 090211_part2

Still going strong

I have been really struggling with my shoulder pain, but pushing forward as much as I can. I am still attending classes 3 days a week and feel much more confident with the exercises (I still hate burpees, though …) I have a weigh in next class and we’ll see what happens with that.  It is really the first one I am just not stressing out over one bit.


Boot camp with my sister

My sister Stephanie came to visit with her husband and my nephews, and I was so excited to see them and to see my sister’s reaction in person to my 30 pound weight loss.  She was so surprised, and impressed by what I have accomplished – she is an avid yogi and knows how difficult this has been for me.  She was interested in going to class with me, so we hit the 8:30am class Saturday morning before taking the kids to Seattle.

Stephanie is in amazing shape, and even given that she said the class completely wiped her out.  I loved hearing her say over and over – “I can’t believe you are doing this three days a week – wow!”

We went downtown to Pikes and the Space Needle, and here is a picture of us:


I still am hiding a bit, not completely comfortable showing how fat I still am, even after losing 30 pounds.  I am proud and happy about the weight loss, but cognizant that I still have a LONG way to go …


Third month of boot camp

Going into my third month and down 30 pounds – I’m liking all the threes I see right now! I really didn’t think the weight loss would accelerate to this degree after the first month was so disappointing (relative to the effort put in).  Looking at this picture really puts things into perspective, thinking about what I had to replace in order to start losing fat:


I am having some trouble with a shoulder injury last week after doing some modified push ups.  I felt something snap in my right shoulder, and it hurt, but I thought it was just the “work through it” type pain I have been dealing with all along with my knees and, really, my entire body throughout all this! I also know that my shoulder is weak from the 2006 moving injury, and the pain I am feeling might just be a flare up from that triggered by working the weakened muscle.  Whatever it is, my shoulder aches all the time and really bothers me, but I am trying to work through it and stay focused on my fitness and weight loss goals.

To end on a positive, I did get an awesome surprise from my husband today!

081111 081111_a

Injury from a very challenging WOD

I felt a snap in my shoulder when trying to do the pushups from this WOD, and I don’t know if I really caused something bad to happen in my shoulder or what.  I am sincerely hoping it is just sore and not a big deal!!  This was a really, really, really tough workout for me!


I am including some pictures of recent workouts at JTS to show examples of the exercises we do.  Here are box jumps (and they suck!)


Push ups are done this way, and yeah – the sweat on the floor is really gross!!


We workout in different stations, switching around based on the WOD




kettlebell  plank

And when we go outside, we often do stuff like this:


And then there is this – always this …