Conquering the side plank

Today in my vinyasa hot yoga class I was able to hold a side plank on both sides twice without going down to one knee.


I couldn’t believe it! I could feel my core holding me up, and the strength I have developed there to be able to hold my hip up in the air with less weight resting on my arm.  I did not lift my leg up in full expression, not there quite yet!


It is just huge for me to not have to go down to one knee to do this pose!



I am still on my knees doing chaturanga, and looking forward to posting about overcoming that obstacle sometime in the future!



But for now, I am happy with another milestone in yoga practice, especially when it indicates some improvement in my upper body strength and overcoming the problems with the pain in my right upper arm! I posted to Facebook about it when I was posting on the Cardio Challenge page …



First month done!

One full month of boot camp is behind me, and what do I have to show for it? As of today, June 13, 2011, I have lost 12 pounds and 5% of my body fat!!  61311061311_post

I had hoped that losing 12 pounds would be more visually dramatic, and that is so disappointing!  The numbers keep me motivated to continue the torture because at least they are going in the right direction – finally!! I have put in this kind of effort with exercise many times before without any changes, so I will take any objective indication of progress as winning!! patience

But there is some good news with progress that I posted on Jeff’s Facebook page, and then he reposted on the JTS page:

061111FBPostI think I was so excited when writing that I made a mistake and should have said “muscle replacing fat” – but point made!! In the meantime, I wish my cats would move because my legs hurt so bad I can hardly step over them when they block the stairs …cats