The Six-Week Challenge

Just as I was starting boot camp at Jowers Training Systems, they were advertising a six-week transformation challenge (the details and announcement can be found by clicking here). I signed up for it, and my Groupon membership was extended until June 29 so I could complete the entire 6 weeks.  As if I didn’t already have an incentive to do this, now the chance at winning $1000 has just motivated me more to really give it my all and win the transformation challenge!




Facing the cold, hard, nasty truth …


One of the worst days of my life – the day of reckoning …

255 Pounds - May 2011

255 Pounds – May 2011

255 Pounds - May 2011

255 Pounds – May 2011

I am mortified looking at these pictures, just mortified … My body is nearly 50% fat … I cannot even look at the pictures, it isn’t even me, it can’t be …

My first day at bootcamp was so humiliating that words cannot quite do the feelings justice.  Let’s just say that the starter exercise of 46 burpees (in honor of one of the member’s 46th birthday) just about killed me.  I felt so stupid and frumpy compared to everyone else.  I felt like how I might imagine someone climbing Everest would feel, and it took everything I had in me to finish the workout that day.

And three days later I’m so sore I can hardly move.  I couldn’t even walk up the stairs on Saturday.  I don’t know how I got through the workout today, I guess I was just in a mental stupor from the weight and measurements taken before class.  I’m determined as ever to lose weight, but this is going to be more of a challenge than I ever dreamed I would have to face.  If boot camp doesn’t work, I don’t know what to do.  All I know is that every movement I make causes intense pain …


I started, and I hope it turns out great …


First Day of Boot Camp Class

grouponWhen I saw this Groupon, I knew I had no excuse – I had to try what so many had told me worked so well – even though the mere thought of showing up, let alone trying to do any of the difficult exercises, would be one of the greatest challenges of my life.  I knew I had to try because if this didn’t work there was nothing left to try … I purchased it in late April 2011, just before my 44th birthday, and spent the next few weeks planning for how I would attend all the way in Tacoma three days per week.  I called Jowers Training Systems and made my appointment for the first boot camp class at 9:15am on May 13, 2011 – Friday the 13th – wow …

Facebook status update for first Boot Camp Class

Facebook status update for first Boot Camp Class


This class just about killed me, and I know it is going to be a long, difficult, challenging, and frustrating road ahead of me to continue.  The people at JTS are nice and supportive, and I appreciate how non-judgmental the vibe is, but I feel like a fat buffoon trying to do the workouts!  It was one of the member’s 46th birthday, and we had to do 46 burpees to start the class.  It took me nearly 30 minutes to get through the burpees, before I could even start the “real” workout.

Effin kill me now! I couldn’t remember ever feeling more humiliated and embarrassed for what I had become over the last decade, and how I had just let myself go to such an extreme …

And I really, really, really hate burpees!



The wording in the Groupon made it seem like the boot camp class would be 2.5 hours, but it was actually only 45 minutes – but oh those 45 minutes are pure torture nonetheless … as I imagined what it was going to take to get my body back, all I could think about was King Theodon at Helms Deep …


It took me longer than I thought it would to get there in the morning, so I am supposed to do the initial weigh in, measurements, and before pictures at the next class on Monday morning.  Can’t wait …