Week 2 Day 3 of C25K and My First 5K Race!

I took a few days off because of the heat and I think my body also needed a break.  This is going so well that I actually announced publicly on Facebook that I signed up for a 5K on August 26!!  I have been thinking about trying to motivate myself more and having a solid public deadline to prepare for will help me stay focused.  I signed up for the Alki Beach 5K and in honor of my mother-in-law Barbara because the race raises money for breast cancer research.

I am actually terrified about the race because I don’t want to be slower than everyone and make a fool of myself. I have no idea what to expect, but I don’t want to be the slow fat person everyone is waiting on to finish …

Today I finished week 2 day 3 in Couch to 5K. I was the same workout as day 1 and 2, jog for 1.5 minutes and walk for 2 minutes. My pace was a little slower than last time, but it was still kind of warm outside.  I followed the run/walk guide but am finding it is not necessary for me to walk that much.  I just read that the intervals are better with training, it just feels slow and kind of lame to me.

I had been wanting to do the Run for Your Lives 5K this fall in SoCal, which is a race where you are chased by zombies and you try to get to the finish without getting “bit” and turning into a zombie.  It sounds like so much fun, but it is on the same weekend as a conference I have to attend for work in October.  Oh well …

And then there is the diet … I am sticking to it but only because I know this has to work to get me off this plateau I have been on for almost a year.  My shoulder still hurts so bad, so until that heals, I have this diet and running to get me out of this weight funk!  RIP without nachos and sour cream!!

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