Will I ever be an athlete?

I went to Matt’s track award ceremony for pole vault yesterday, and his coach had such great things to say about him and how he just blew them away with his learning curve just starting out this year for the first time.  

I sat there listening and was so proud of him – and hoped someday that maybe he would be able to listen to someone important talk about my skills as an athlete.

Matt and his track coach at Kentwood High School

Matt and his track coach at Kentwood High School

I guess it could happen, but I’ve never, ever been even remotely considered athletic; even when I was on the track team my freshman year of high school (because I basically sucked!).  So I guess I am officially on record making a wish that my son could someday be as proud of me as I am of him for athletic ability and effort.



So I went to boot camp again today with sore muscles and knees, and some glimmer of hope that results I am dreaming about are actually possible if I just keep focused and determined to succeed!



Then later today I heard my mom was having emergency surgery because she may have thrown a clot after the minor surgery she had earlier.  I know what is ahead of me genetically if I don’t fix this now, I am all the more determined to move on from the pain and make significant long-term progress in weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight for the rest of my life.  I want to be there for my kids, and my future grandchildren.  I want to be active and healthy well into old age, and I want to enjoy getting there without weight-related health problems like my mother is dealing with.  Aaaaaaaaaaand, there is also this …


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