Brought my son to boot camp

My son, the athlete, who is in terrific shape from track and football, went with me to boot camp to see what it was like.


Matt validated my perception of difficulty, because I thought it would be really easy for him. He has been super supportive of my efforts, while not a huge fan of crossfit in general.  I was kind of mortified having him see me struggle so much with the WOD, particularly with the burpees.  I took a picture of the whiteboard, and this is what we did:

6/24/11 WOD

It was very intense!! I was so proud of Matt’s athletic ability, and when I was watching him I felt overwhelmed and grateful that he is in such great shape at his age (given how I was NOT even remotely athletic or in shape at 16 – I was thin but not muscular at all!).


It was an emotional day, after an intense prior week of classes that have pushed me into this second month of my journey of significant change!  If anything, at least I am determined and consistent with the effort!

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